Mawrah seed de oiled cake is used in pond preparation for fishes. The saponin in the cake is a powerful fish poison (wild & unwanted fish) and the cake can be used to control predatory fish present in the pounds and lakes.Mawrah cake can be used as a cheap organic manure. The cake is a cheap and effective wormicide to maintain the turf, lawn and golf ground, free from earthworms. Mawrah seed de oiled cake contains N=3.5%, P=0.52% , K= 1.5%.

Parameters Specification
Moisture 8% - 10% MAX
Fibre 8% - 10%
Fat <1% MIN
Saponin 6% - 8%
Ash 4% - 6%
Protein 14% - 16%
Carbohydrates 40% - 50%